Facts about Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing has multiple benefits, whether your home needs  enhanced thermal efficiency, acoustic insulation or help with condensation it could be the perfect solution.

It is suitable for any property, domestic or commercial but not everyone knows about it or just how great it is. If you are new to the idea of secondary glazing then take a look at these 4 facts that may surprise you.

1. Secondary Glazing is Cheaper than Double Glazing

The high quality materials used to produce Clearview Secondary Glazing, Powder Coated Aluminium and Timber can be more expensive than uPVC plastic , however, the overall material content, time to install, no landfill disposal, and often a missed expense, no redecoration requirements gives a significantly lower cost, without compromising performance. In addition to the materials being from abundant managed sources and readily recyclable.

2. Secondary Glazing comes in hundreds of different colours

If you thought secondary glazing was only available in white, think again. Yes, Clearview secondary glazing does come in white as standard, but there’s a wide range of colours available to match to your primary window colour or room decor.

3. Secondary glazing is ECO Friendly

Repair and renovate, don’t replace; that’s Clearview’s motto. Original timber windows can last for centuries and, with a little care and attention, could last centuries more, protecting our building heritage for future generations.

Window renovation helps prevent waste and the damage to the environment that the manufacture of replacement windows causes. Clearview secondary glazing is independently proven to offer comparable or greater thermal efficiency than double glazed replacement windows.

4. Secondary glazing is one of the best ways to reduce noise

Yes thats right, secondary glazing is one of the best ways to reduce noise and sound proof your windows, it can reduce external noise by around 75%.

Unwanted noise is a problem in many homes and commercial buildings, particularly in towns and cities and period properties with original single glazing. Traffic, street and aircraft noise adversely affect living and working environments, causing unwanted stress, a lack of concentration and worse.